Be able to watch over 80 Polish TV channels!

To use our offers, you only need an Internet connection with a minimum speed of 2 Mbit/s (DSL or other technologies). We are also glad to offer you the appropriate wireless attachable TV device to watch Polish TV. Put it in any suitable place.

There is no need to buy additional equipment; just use your personal computer as the attachable TV device and watch Polish TV online. POLSKY guarantees perfect leisure time TV entertainment all around the world - for a very low price.

Awesome Features

You get IPTV Combine - a complete IPTV solution in one box



Computer software that provides services to software applications beyond those available from the operating system.


A system allowing users to select and watch/listen to video or audio content such as movies and TV shows when they want to, rather than having to watch yhem at a specific broadcast time,

DVB to IP gateway

TV gateways allow users to stream broadcast live TV content to connected devices on the IP network, including tablets, smartphones, computers, gaming consoles and smart TVs.

Other systems

Required to provide interactive TV services over IP networks.


The only aim of all services offered by POLSKY is to deliver top quality TV shows program to all viewers around the world.
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Our Services

Worldwide POLSKY uses its own technical operations centers on every continent offering a complete range
of IPTV broadcast solutions, including TV channel distribution and IPTV middleware solutions.


Television is a simple, convenient and practical way of getting information - the reason why television is widespread around the world. That’s why media industry technologies develop faster than other branches. POLSKY offers one of the most modern technologies - IPTV with Polish content. POLSKY is interactive digital TV that reaches costomer through common telephone cables using ADSL technology. Digital video-flux comes from POLSKY's server to your ADSL modem and then to either a computer or through the Set Top Box to your common TV set at home. POLSKY gives you the opportunity to view over 80 top-quality Polish channels. POLSKY is an opportunity to watch TV without a satellite dish and cable. POLSKY offers leisure entertainment and news for the whole family.

IPTV Complex

IPTV Complex is a complete IPTV solution in which all servers are connected in a cluster and work as a single system. The complex includes both hardware and software to provide TV or video over IP networks. The complex consists of:

  • Middleware
  • DVB to IP gateways / streamers
  • Video on Demand servers
  • Conditional Access system
  • Billing and Subscriber Management system

IPTV Combine is a complete IPTV solution in one box. It includes Middleware, VOD, DVB to IP gateway and other systems required to provide interactive TV services over IP networks. IPTV Combine is a perfect fit for small facilities like hotels, business centers, educational institutions, etc.

IPTV Content

POLSKY provides subscribers with two options to access their favorite TV channels via streaming broadcast - LIVE and Time Shift TV. LIVE TV means that the content will be streamed in real time. It is exactly like watching TV on Polish local time. Time Shift TV also has several options for a delay from local broadcast time. The viewer can choose when to watch the programs. Aside from all these features, POLSKY also offers a playback function for all programs that were broadcast within yhe past 2 weeks. Another additional extra includes high-quality ethnic radio stations classified by genre. The Polish content that POLSKY IPTV services provide is generated and delivered according to high-quality standards. Quality issues are very important when moving from small to large screens. POLSKY broadcasts to large-screen displays (and an associated home theater audio system) and not just streaming to computer screens. Video quality, instant access and content control are also very important.

The advantages of POLSKY:

  • High resolution TV entertainment!
  • Excellent quality in any weather!
  • Refund within 14 days - risk free!
  • Best price for over 80 Polish TV channels!
  • Wireless attachable TV that you can mount in any appropriate place!
  • Equipment guarantee for 12 or 24 months!
  • Broadcasting according to Warsaw time!

IPTV Solutions

Since 2010, POLSKY has been developing various modern systems for different telecommunication operators worldwide in order to provide up-to-date IP services. Today POLSKY offers high quality systems, including the full range of software and hardware to deploy IPTV: middleware, conditional access system, billing system, video on demand servers, DVB to IP gateways, etc. In fact, POLSKY is able to provide everything for IPTV headend. All products are initially compatible with each other and can be connected in a cluster architecture. We offer both complete IPTV solutions as well as separate systems.

TV channels

Today there are over 80 Polish TV channels in POLSKY’s broadcasting network. This package presents Polish central channels, popular entertainment and musical channels and also several children's, documentary and international channels. Plus there is always the choice between 8 popular radio stations.


We create services for you. We're proud of our achievements. Have a look, we've made more than:


Our project

POLSKY is building a dynamic global Ethnic Television Network for Polish content.

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Multi Capability

We are one of the leading sources for international programming via IPTV worldwide, delivering over 80 Polish television and radio channels.

No matter the place and time, - POLSKY provides all customers and partners with high quality Polish IPTV content using its own platforms and networks to assure a fast and direct signal to all viewers.

POLSKY is the world's leading ethnic television services company for Polish content, operating a global network of cable distribution platforms for advanced IP-based content delivery.

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  • Well known and simple
  • Friendly for all family members
  • Easy and accessible
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Our History

Polsky began to experience increasing success with its original telecommunication technologies over the Internet.

Polsky Multimedia launched Polsky on Demand, the first premium subscription video-on-demand enhancement to customers in Chicago, Illinois.

Polsky Multimedia became the first European provider to operate a high-definition TV channels.

There were over 40 channels providing to customers with IP-TV

Polsky Multimedia became the first U.S. provider to operate a high-definition Polish TV channels.

In cooperation with leading U.S telecommunications companies, Polsky on Demand with HD was ensured over the american continent.

Multiroom technology has been enabled to all European customers.

There were over 80 channels Polsky providing to customers with IP-TV. Most of them with high-definition and demand.

Radio, library and other services provided to clients all over the world.

Polsky Multimedia becomes the largest and the most open service provider in the world.

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